Temporary issues with updates and getbentokit.deb

by tudor ()
We're currently experiencing some DNS resolution problems which affect all apt function including the getbentokit debian/ubuntu installers, and all updates and upgrades. We believe we have rectified the problem and services should return to normal within the next 10-72 hours. Please accept our apologies if this has affected you.

Live Chat Support!

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We just added live chat support to our website! So if you see us online, just click the link on the right and say hi!

JMF Installer released!

by tudorThe Bentokit Team are pleased to announce today the beta release of JMF Installer. JMF Installer is a Bentokit subproject for convenience of installing Oracle's Java Media Framework on Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux. Bentokit Flywire uses this sophisticated media framework to provide seamless media playout suitable for radio broadcasting. For more information, see JMF Installer.

Happy Festive Season

by tudorThe bentokit project team wishes everyone a happy and safe festive season and a prosperous new year. We've just upgraded our Ubuntu repository and getbentokit installation package. This means that the whole Bentokit Project Suite will now run on the current version of Ubuntu, Maverick, and the development edition of Ubuntu, Natty. Don't forget your new years resolutions! Hopefully they include telling more people about Bentokit Project! :-D

Quiet? Maybe that's because we're going global!

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Our lead developer has moved to Canada. So Bentokit now has a presence in Australia and the Americas covering 16 hours of timezones. G'day and Howdy! If you're interested in our project, see our contact page.

Bentokit now on amd64!

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Bentokit's debian repository now has an amd64 section. There's no difference at the moment, it's purely referencing the i386 version for all the people with amd64 machines. We don't see a difference needed in the retromod code, but let us know if it's a problem!

Bentokit is now on Twitter and Identi.ca!

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Get the latest on Bentokit in 140 characters! http://www.twitter.com/Bentokit or http://www.identi.ca/Bentokit

Bentokit now has an Ubuntu Repository

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In our new repository you'll find retromod and getbentokit. To install the respository, just run the getbentokit.deb file, update, and install using synaptic! Flywire coming soon!

Components and Modules in Retromod

by kenmclean ()

Components and Modules in Retromod from Ken McLean on Vimeo.

Users and Permissions in Retromod

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Users and Permissions in Retromod from Ken McLean on Vimeo.

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